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SITP The Polish Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians


SITP is a scientific and technical organization founded in 1983. In the same year, it became a part of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Organizations of the Main Technical Organization (FSNT NOT). The Association pursues the following goals: spreading fire protection knowledge and technical progress, promoting fire protection issues, proposing the review and improvement of fire protection standards and regulations, developing its fire protection standards, undertaking activities aimed at providing high-quality fire protection services, improving fire protection knowledge among the members.
SITP proposed developing a system of voluntary certification of fire protection services. In 2004 the Association established its Centre for Certification. In 2006 this Centre got accreditation from the Polish Centre of Accreditation.


Zarząd Główny SITP
ul. Świętokrzyska 14, pok. 134, 00-050 Warszawa
phone (22) 620 32 25, 850 37 56, fax (22) 62 21 16


Finance and accounting:

Izba Rzeczoznawców SITP Delegatura Poznań
ul. Norwida 14, 60-867 Poznań
NIP: 526-000-10-74